Launching in June 2021, Griffin Studios is a custom-built television, film and event facility based in Costa Mesa, California. Our multi-camera, fully integrated broadcast facility is ready to help with your next production – from a keynote, to an online show, Griffin Studios is ready to send and receive feeds around the world, this 4000 sq. foot studio.

Unlike standard broadcast facilities, Griffin Studios has been uniquely designed to host events and cater to a large on-site staff. A split studio concept can allow for presentations and hospitality with a private entrance, greeting guests with a stunning view of the studio and impressive control room. We aim to bring a sense of occasion and excitement to energize your event.

The Space

 We are a full-service video, broadcast and film production studio specializing in commercial, broadcast, web and digital projects. With top of the line equipment and an incredible production team, we’ve got it all under one roof. 

  • Dimensions – 30’ Wide x 37’ Deep x 14’ High

  • White Cyc Wall –  30’ Wide x 7’ deep x 14’ high to lighting grid

  • Blackmagic Broadcast Manual Cameras (2)

  • Panasonic 4k Robotic Cameras (4)

  • Ross Xpression Graphics 

  • Ross 2ME TD2 Switcher System

  • Shure/Sennheiser Microphone System

  • Yamaha 16 Channel Audio Mixer

  • Fiber & Cloud Networking

  • Hyper Fast Ethernet Up/Down link

  • Two Way Feeds for multi-location broadcasts

  • 180° degree green and black drapery

  • Lighting – Lighting package is controlled by ETC Color Source AV panel

  • Various lights consist of Nova P300, Aputure 300x, Luster+ Source 4 / D40, ETC Releve,

  • Distributed power in the studio

  • Multiple Broadcast service panels with Fiber / Audio / Video / LAN ties to the main equipment room

Griffin Studios

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